the ryedale plan

This is our name for Ryedale District Council’s ‘Development Plan’. The ‘Development Plan’ is the legal title for planning policies which the District Council apply, as the Local Planning Authority, to make decisions on Planning Applications, Advertisement Consents and Listed Building Consents.

Ryedale District is split in planning jurisdiction between the District Council, and the North York Moors National Park. For advice about planning matters in the National Park please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 01439 772700. They are based at Helmsley.
Matters concerning minerals and waste planning applications are assessed by North Yorkshire County Council.

Part of the western area of Ryedale is within the Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The District Council are the decision maker in dealing with planning applications, but the Howardian Hills Manager is a consultee. The activities of the AONB Team and the Management Plan, which is reviewed every five years, can be found on the Howardian Hills AONB website.

The Adopted Development Plan:

This is made up of the following Documents:

Ryedale Plan- Local Plan Strategy (adopted September 2013) it sets out how much new housing, employment and retail development should go where to 2027. It also guides other forms of development as well as protecting key Ryedale assets such as environmental and historic assets.
Helmsley Plan (Adopted July 2015) was produced in conjunction with the National Park and provides the site specific policies and allocations for the whole town of Helmsley.
Ryedale Local Plan (adopted 2002) provides site –specific policies including Development Limits.
Saved Policies of Yorkshire and Humber Regional Spatial Strategy concerning the City of York Green Belt, only a small part of Southern Ryedale is in the York Green Belt:
The Yorkshire and Humber Plan Regional Spatial Strategy to 2026 (PDF, 225 pages, 2633kb)
The Regional Strategy for Yorkshire and Humber (Partial Revocation) Order 2013 (PDF, 2 pages, 50kb)

Malton Food Enterprise Zone – this is a Local Development Order, which identifies certain forms of development which can take place without needing planning permission. Associated with this is a Design Guide

The Emerging Development Plan:
We are preparing the second stage of the Ryedale Plan- known as the Ryedale Plan- Local Plan Sites Document. Once adopted it will replace the 2002 Ryedale Local Plan. The Local Plan Sites Document will make site specific policies and identify areas of land for specific uses, known as ‘allocations’. These will be shown on the Policies Map.

We have, as of the 29 March 2018, submitted the Plan and Policies Map for Independent Scrutiny by a Planning Inspector, on behalf of the Secretary of State. Only if it is found ‘sound’ will the Council be able to adopt the Plan. For the production of those policy documents please click here

13 June 2019. The Council has received the Inspector’s Report (4 June 2019) in relation to the soundness of the Ryedale Plan- Local Plan Sites Document. It is available to view here (PDF, 26 pages, 252kb) Main modifications schedule (PDF, 20 pages, 497kb)

Supporting Documents and Evidence:
The Local Planning Authority has a number of Supplementary Planning Documents .These are not part of the Development Plan, but are produced to support specific policies in the Development Plan. They are capable of being a material consideration.
The Development Plan is produced with a suite of supporting documents and evidence
Local Development Scheme (LDS) - three-year rolling work programme for planning policy production
Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) – sets out how we will consult in the planning process
Monitoring Reports – report on an annual basis of the performance of planning policies measured through determination of planning applications
Evidence – a range of strategies and technical reports which inform Planning Policy and the monitoring of housing land supply

Please click on the following to go to web pages for:
Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding include Self-Build Register. This is a register of people/groups who are interested in building their own home within the District. The resulting information provides the Council with an indication of the amount of land required to meet this need, and informs future planning policy.
Community Infrastructure Levy – a charge applied to certain forms of development (market housing and certain types of retail development) which is collected to pay for important infrastructure projects around the District.