the ryedale plan

The Ryedale Local Plan was adopted in March 2002 and contained a range of planning policies.

Most of these policies have now been superseded by the adoption of the Local Plan Strategy.

Saved Policies

The following elements of the Ryedale Local Plan remain as part of the Development Plan:

  • The adopted proposals maps for the district and towns (except for Helmsley, where the policies map is in the adopted Helmsley Plan).
  • The villages insert maps

The following 'saved' local plan policies:

  • H3 Housing Allocation, Whitfield Avenue, Pickering
  • H5 Housing Allocation, Feversham Drive, Kirkbymoorside
  • H6 Residential Allocations in the Villages
  • EMP2 Industrial/Business Development Allocation, Norton Grove Industrial Estate
  • EMP3 Industrial/Business Development Allocation, East of Thornton Road Industrial Estate, Pickering
  • EMP4 Industrial/Business Development Allocation, Kirkby Mills
  • EMP7 Allocations for the Expansion of Existing Major Employers
  • EMP14 Central Science Laboratory
  • EMP15 North Yorkshire Power Project, East Knapton
  • TM6 Tourist Attractions Policy TM6 Tourist Attractions 159k 2 pages PDF

These are all available electronically on the the Ryedale Local Plan.

  • EMP5 Industrial/Business Development Allocation, Helmsley - Has now been superseeded by the adoption of the Helmsley Plan.