the ryedale plan

The Council formerly prepared an Annual Monitoring Report. This is now known as a Monitoring Report (MR). There is now no formal request to submit the document to the Secreretary of State but there is to prepare and publish a Monitoring Report.

All local authorities are required to produce an Monitoring Report (MR), which will be used to monitor the effectiveness of policies in the Ryedale Plan, and highlight the extent to which they are meeting the Plan 's social, economic and environmental aims and objectives. The MR will also be used to highlight whether there are any policies that will need to be changed, for example if they are not achieving their intended purpose.

Our latest MR covers the period from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015. It outlines a range of indicators that will be used to monitor the effectiveness of planning policy within the District. The Indicators are from the recently adopted Local Plan Strategy.

The next MR will be available to view later in 2016.

To view the latest MR please see the PDF at the bottom of this page.