the ryedale plan

The Council has now adopted an Instalment Policy (1 September 2016). This sets out the payment framework for paying CIL Liability operational from 6 September 2016.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a local tariff that can be charged on all types of development in a local authority area to deliver infrastructure to support the growth of the District. The funds raised from the CIL can be used to help provide a wide range of infrastructure such as schools, open space, health facilities, flood defences and transport improvements required through the Ryedale Plan.

In order to introduce the CIL, the Council (as the charging authority), has to demonstrate that there is a shortfall in funding between the expected total cost of infrastructure needed to support development over the plan period and the level of funding likely to be forthcoming from mainstream sources of funding for infrastructure. The Council has published an Infrastructure Delivery Plan to support the delivery as part of the evidence base to Local Plan Strategy.

The production of an economic viability assessment is central to the charge setting process in order to ensure that the CIL does not threaten the delivery of the scale of development identified in the Local Plan. In setting the CIL rates the Council must aim to strike an appropriate balance between the benefits of funding infrastructure through CIL and the potential impact of imposing CIL on investment and development in the District. The Council commissioned consultants Roger Tym & Partners to undertake an economic viability assessment for the District. A copy of the assessment can be downloaded below.

Charging authorities set out the CIL rates that are to be levied on development in a charging schedule. CIL rates are expressed in pounds (£) per square metre and can be levied against most new development.

The Council previously consulted on a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (PDCS) in October and November 2013 and a Draft Charging Schedule in July and August 2014. This is available to view below.

The Council is planning to submit the Draft Charging Schedule for Independent Examination in September/ October 2014.